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Hello lovelies!
If you don’t already know, we’re Hayley and Megan, a long distance couple from the United States. Hayley is from Washington State and Megan is from Indiana. We met here on tumblr on June 10, 2013 and began dating on July 17, 2013. We’ve been together for over 9 months now and are ridiculously in love. We met in person for the first time in December of 2013 just before Christmas and it was the best 6 days of our lives.
Here is our YouTube channel.
Here is the video of our first meeting.
Here is our December 2013 visit montage.
Our next trip is scheduled for June of this year, with a solidly planned trip the following September, but we’ve run in to some issues regarding the trip in June.
For June, Megan, her mom, and her sister will be driving to Washington from Indiana. This is so that our families can meet, something we’ve wanted since we started dating. Family is incredibly important to us, and we want to have everyone together as soon as we can. Since Hayley is visiting Megan in Indiana in September, the next opportunity for her to meet Hayley’s family, besides this June, is December of 2014, and then our families wouldn’t be able to meet until June of 2015. This isn’t ideal, since our families meeting would make things a lot easier for us, so we want to avoid having to wait that long.
The main issue here is finances. Logistically, Megan and her family could drive from Indiana to Washington over a 2 or 3 day time period and spend the week in Seattle with my family. Megan would then remain in Washington for an extra week after her family drove home to go back to my college town with me to have a week alone as a couple and then return to Seattle the following weekend for Pride 2014. We’ve saved enough for Megan’s ticket home, but we’ve run in to some issues financing the trip from Indiana to Washington and back. Megan’s family has been tight on money this year after her mom had a fall at work and was unable to go to her job for a month. We both have jobs and attend school full time but between rent, medical bills, and other expenses, things have been really tight.
What we are asking for is your help. We are doing everything we can to save money, but we need some other options. If you want to help, here’s how:
Hayley has ads on her blog. She makes a small amount of money for every click. Clicking once a day helps more than you can imagine. Click here for Hayley’s blog.
We will both be selling clothes, books, and other things on eBay. Click here for our eBay page.
Hayley will be making custom banners, icons, and headers for blogs, YouTube channels, and Twitter for $5. Click here to request a banner.
And finally, we would not even put this as an option if we didn’t feel there was a chance it would help, you can make a small donation to us. We do not encourage or request this at all, but several people in the past have expressed interest in donating a few dollars to us and we would be eternally grateful. We will follow you, promote your blog on this blog and our personals, make you banners, and do basically whatever you want in return (apart from sexual favors. Hey now!) The donation button is at the bottom of the sidebar on our blog.
We cannot even express to you all how much your support over the last 10 months has meant to us. There are a lot of things that could have stopped us from being able to be together, but we continue to do whatever we can to beat down obstacles. We believe our love is strong enough to conquer anything, and we want to show others that love can do anything.
If you have any questions, please feel free to message Hayley either here or at her personal blog. We will not respond to or acknowledge any hate messages this post may garner. We understand that this is asking a lot of people, but we figured there is no harm in asking and people will only click, buy, or donate if they truly want to.
We love you all to the moon and back.
Hayley & Megan
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A classic.
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The Kum and Go. Or as my mom called it, the ejaculate and evacuate.

Jizz and jet

shoot and scoot

blow your load and hit the road

bust ya nut and off ya strut
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Anonymous: but what happened between you and Karla? It's been a year now I appreciated the friendship you guys had :c do you both still talk?

Our friendship was incredibly toxic. It wasn’t anything to admire. It’s been almost a year, can’t everyone just let it go? I have new friends and an amazing girlfriend and much better life, I’m happy, and I don’t want to relive stupid parts of my past. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so.

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